Whether you're buying a pre-owned swing set or need to fix and refinish an existing one? We can help!

We offer a complete package to keep your swing set as good and strong as the day it was first installed.


  1. We inspect your swing set for water/moisture damage and structure integrity and make an evaluation on whether you need to replace any parts and/or hardware.
  2. During the inspection we will retighten all the loose bolts and nuts as well as lubricate the necessary parts.


  1. Replace all the damaged, broken or rotted wood pieces with a similar available commercial grade wood.
  2. Replace broken and missing screws, nuts and bolts with similar or better materials.
  3. Replace swing chains and ropes for new ones.

•Power-washing and Refinishing:

  1. Power-wash the whole swing set and apply a child safe mildew and mold remover get rid of the dark or white spots caused by the mildew.
  2. Apply a child safe sealer* and stain to make your swing set looks new** again and give your children many years of enjoyment and exercise.

      (*) It's the customer decision to choose the type of sealant and color of stain. The cost of the product can increase significantly depending on the brand and quality of the sealer.

      (**) Be advised that due to a few years of exposure to weather and the sun's UV lights, the swing set wood will oxidize and change to a darker color during the process of refinishing. This is a normal occurrence and it is not possible to return the wood to its original new, out of the box, color.