Please read before sending a deposit.

I have never asked for advanced deposits before 2015, however, due to some customers cancelling the appointment at the last minute or even hiring other installers without given me any notice and forcing me to lose a whole day of work, I have no choice but to ask for this deposit.

The deposit you are sending is to secure a chosen date on my installation schedule and the amount will be deducted from the swing set assembly final price. You pay the total amount agreed minus the deposit.

The deposit is non refundable If you cancel the installation, for any reason, within three days before the schedule date or for unsafe conditions in your property. No exceptions!

If you need to reschedule the installation date due to delivery delays or other reasons, please, contact me at least three days prior to the schedule date and we can move the date to the next available day on my calendar.

If I need to reschedule the appointment due to bad weather or any other forced circumstances that are not under my control, I will call you and try to pick a day that works better for you, usually, the following Saturday or Sunday, in which case, I ask for your understanding.

All boxed swing sets are meant to be installed on a level ground. By my experience, it is almost impossible to have a perfectly level area and I will shim it up or dig as much as 5 inches, at no extra cost, around the perimeter of the swing set in order to get it leveled but it is the customer’s responsibility to get a level area prior to the swing set installation. If I need to cancel the installation due to unsafe conditions on your backyard, I will try to work it out with you and decide what choices you have to get your swing set installed in a safe manner on a near future date. This is done for your children’s safety and to protect me from future liabilities.

By sending the deposit, you understand and agree with the terms above.When you click to send a deposit, you will be taken to a secure Paypal page.
On the \"Message to Seller\" tab, write your name, address, phone number, the date we schedule the installation and the swing set name and/or model number.
You can copy and paste the text bellow on the Paypal message tab.





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